Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Daycare/Childcare In Needham Massachusetts

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Daycare/Childcare In Needham Massachusetts

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We foster a love of learning in all of our students from day one. We work with you, the parents, to ensure a fun, educational, and safe experience that fits the needs of your child. We respect individual needs and schedules, and we cater to each child in our care.

Our classrooms contain safe, age-appropriate, creativity-inspiring and fun toys and equipment, including a wide variety of art and building materials, costumes, water tables, and sand tables. Our nursery has calm and soothing sleep areas and a vibrant and fun play area. The Preschool and Pre-K classes have computers for supervised use of educational software.

A professional musician/singer visits every classroom each week to enhance our music curriculum. A scientist visits each week for hands-on experiments and discovery with our Pre-K children.

Our teachers are always actively involved in planning curriculum that remains fresh and current with specific interest for their classrooms and that is relevant to our community. Our monthly programs are rich in art, music, science, literature, culinary arts, and friendship lessons – all including the most important part – play!

Security is important to us, and we do not publish any information about our monthly schedules on the web site. Please contact us to discuss particular classroom schedules.

Our facilities are accessible by foot, car and public transportation and are within easy walking distance of several parks and playgrounds. The park used as our primary outdoor play area has spaces and equipment appropriate for the different needs of younger and older children.

Our locations in the heart of Needham, MA provide us with wonderful learning opportunities. We make regular trips to the library, and many of the neighboring businesses in the area are happy to host us and let the children see up close how they operate. Recent local visits include: post office, fire department, courthouse, bakery, chocolate shop, bank, and dog groomer. The children love being a part of the community!

LITTLE CORNER SCHOOLHOUSE Nursery (Our Little Sweet Peas)

Our nursery is designed for maximum safety, efficiency, security, and happiness for children from eight weeks to fifteen months. Our staff is nurturing, loving and skilled. Caring for infants as young as eight weeks is a tremendous honor and responsibility. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Our infant program is especially well thought out and reflects years of research, development and experience. Every detail has been meticulously planned from the design of the infant nursery, to the selection of equipment, toys, curriculum, and activities, to the screening and ongoing training of the infant caregivers. Parents can rely on our specially selected staff, with certified early childhood education, and chosen for their knowledge, dedication, warmth and affectionate personalities.

In a warm, loving, and nurturing environment, our infants are cared for, cuddled and rocked by our staff. Our staff has created a warm and stimulating environment, where our infants feel secure as they begin to explore their surroundings. Music plays a big part in our adorable nursery, and the infants enjoy sweet songs and stories, especially while snuggling on their teachers’ laps and drinking their bottles.

Toys are sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each and every diaper change. Our infants’ diapers, wipes, and ointments/creams are provided by each child’s parents These supplies are all labeled with your child’s name and are never shared among children. We adhere to a strict hygienic diaper changing procedure.

We consider good hygiene for those around the infants to be essential. For the protection of each infant, we do not allow street shoes to be worn in the nursery, and every adult must sanitize hands before entering. Your baby has a personal crib with bedding that is cleaned every evening.

Nightly reports are ready for parents at pick up time. They reflect, in detail, everything that goes on during an infant’s day at Little Corner SchoolHouse, from new and exciting developments to diaper changes and feedings. These reports, known as Baby Talk, are invaluable to busy parents.


Investigating the world around you is what it is all about when you are a toddler! Your toddler’s day will be filled with a plethora of activities, including music, movement, fitness, toys, cooking and interaction with equipment that encourage exploration and discovery. Soothing music and gentle backrubs during naptime provide just the right repose for sleeping.

Toddlers are striving for independence and have reached a child’s first real milestone. They have grown into the mobile stage and are walking and exploring their fascinating environment. Their curiosity is endless. At LITTLE CORNER SCHOOLHOUSE, a toddler’s natural inquisitiveness is encouraged and nurtured. Our staff strives to ensure a safe, secure, enjoyable, loving and learning environment.

Since toddlers learn through play and exploration, we give them the space, age appropriate materials, and stimulation they need to help quench their thirst for learning and discovery. The Toddler teachers prepare developmentally appropriate curriculum plans, incorporating goals and objectives that follow the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines. The plans are reviewed by the Program Director and an overview is posted for the parents in each child’s classroom.

A typical day in the Little Corner SchoolHouse toddler center abounds with stimulating, age appropriate activities and materials. Our own Little Learners™ curriculum is written for our Toddler staff by the Curriculum Department at our Corporate Headquarters and is distributed to each center monthly. Nightly reports are ready for parents at pick up time. They reflect, in detail, everything that goes on during the child’s day at Little Corner SchoolHouse. These reports, known as Toddler Times, are invaluable to busy parents.

LITTLE CORNER SCHOOLHOUSE Pre-School (Our Little Explorers)

The Pre-School teachers prepare developmentally appropriate Curriculum Plans, incorporating goals and objectives that follow the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines. Our pre-school children are ready to conquer the world. Classrooms are overflowing with challenging toys and equipment that offer a stimulating, and colorful environment.

Little Corner SchoolHouse Pre-School provides a setting where children can be independent and exercise a variety of personal, social and emotional skills. We also encourage problem solving, cognitive as well as symbolic thinking, math concepts and logistics. Blocks and other mathematical manipulative materials promote planning, problem solving, concepts of physics and creative thinking.

Art projects promote creativity and self-expression, while music instructs our pre-schoolers in learning musical concepts through songs, games, hymns, rhythm, instrument and group ensembles. Dance and movement promote physical fitness and coordination.

Literacy, language arts, and self-expression are encouraged at this stage and age. Our goal at Little Corner SchoolHouse is to promote your child’s love of learning. Literacy begins at birth and we encourage early learning through our literacy activities in the nursery.

Our pre-school children have opportunities to help make sense of their experiences and develop an understanding of who they are while learning to care about others.

LITTLE CORNER SCHOOLHOUSE Pre-Kindergarten (Our Little Scholars)

Our Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) Pre-Kindergarten classroom is an exciting place for our students as they begin to take an active role in their own education! The Pre-K classroom reflects our goal to promote and extend the love of learning that begins in our nursery.

Our wonderful, caring, and experienced teachers guide the students through their daily curriculum and special activities. We help our children relate to others in an understanding and respectful manner. While learning is paramount, fun and games do not take a back seat, with activities that include swimming, weekly music sessions, weekly science sessions, cooking experiences, a theatre program, computer activities, yoga, and a literacy program.

In our Pre-K environment, we encourage open-ended exploration, discovery, and investigation. The curriculum is designed to enhance each child’s self-esteem. It gives the children an opportunity for optimum growth in academics, socialization, physical fitness, and emotional wellbeing.

Pre-Kindergarteners learn and master many concepts:

  • Write first and last name using the proper capitalization, spacing and letter formation
  • Become familiar with their home address and how to write it
  • Know parent or parents’ first and last names
  • Recognize and print the alphabet
  • Develop strong phonics and decoding skills
  • Build sight vocabulary and develop comprehension skills
  • Enhance each child’s love of reading, libraries and literature
  • Recognize and write numbers
  • Experience computers with specially selected software
  • Develop visual discrimination
  • Learn health information and nutrition
  • Write journals
  • Understand the purpose of the calendar
  • Identify our planet, and the country, state, and city in which they live
  • Utilize objects of scientific exploration
  • Explore the world of art, music, physical fitness, science, and dance

Our care and education of your children is important to us, and we consider you, the parents, our partners in developing and ensuring the best experience for your child at LITTLE CORNER SCHOOLHOUSE. We send an email to parents every month to communicate news, announcements, and information about special activities and field trips that are planned for the month. You are always welcome to communicate with us any news, new information and/or concerns about your child.

We welcome your child to a year of smiles and laughter, friendships, adventures, and an ever-growing love of learning in our wonderful Pre-Kindergarten program at Little Corner SchoolHouse!

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham is located at 426 Hunnewell Street #430 Needham Massachusetts

Tel: 617-244-1877



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Repost: Winston-Salem doctor receives award for device that helps wounds to heal

Winston-Salem doctor receives award for device that helps wounds to heal

June 12, 2016

Dr. Louis Argenta always had an interest in science and history while growing up in Detroit.

Then one day in 1960, his aunt gave him a book that had a big influence on his life.

“She brought me an Albert Schweitzer book and told me that I should be a doctor like that, except that I should comb my hair and shave,” said Argenta, a professor and chairman emeritus of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

After reading the book, he realized he wanted to be in medicine.

Schweitzer was a theologian, philosopher, organist and medical missionary. Some photos of him on the internet today show him with unruly hair and a bushy moustache.

This month, Argenta received the 2016 Jacobson Innovation Award from the American College of Surgeons, of which he is a fellow. The award honors living surgeons who have been innovators of a new development or technique in any field of surgery. It is made possible through a gift from Dr. Julius H. Jacobson II and his wife, Joan.


npwt pump rental software

Recommended Pressure Ulcer Prevention Protocol

Recommended Pressure Ulcer Prevention Protocol

June 13, 2016
Written by:

Pressure ulcers are more commonly referred to as bedsores. Most of us have heard of them before but few really understand what they are or how you get them.

A pressure ulcer or bed sore occurs when a person who is inactive and has difficulty moving easily isn’t moved regularly. Bedsores are not something everyone can expect to get as they age. In fact, they are completely avoidable and directly caused by inadequate care. If pressure ulcers go untreated they can cause serious infections and eventually even become fatal.

Bedsores will be found on the most bony areas of the body. This is because the person’s body weight has decreased the blood flow in that area. The most common places to find pressure ulcers are the tailbone, lower back, hip area and heels.

It is possible to get a bed sore from a single incident of a lack of blood flow combined with pressure however it is much more likely to get them from prolonged or repeated incidents of a patient being left prone. Ultimately a patient who gets pressure ulcers is being neglected.

The patients who are most inclined to suffer from bed sores are likely to have the following conditions:

Poor diet or dehydration Difficulty controlling bladder or bowels Decreased mental state or awareness Confined to a bed or wheelchair Immobile or incapable of changing positions without help

In the early stages of a pressure ulcer, you can reverse the ulcer simply be relieving pressure and moving the patient again. However once bed sores are present the patient will need to be moved or rotated every couple of hours. This is important to relieve the pressure in the areas of the bedsores and to allow the wounds to begin to heal.

There are four stages of bedsores and if they get to the later stages surgery may be necessary to treat the bed sores and if nothing is done pressure ulcers can eventually be fatal.

The problem with pressure ulcers is that if a patient develops them it typically means they are not being cared for correctly. This also means they are not likely to receive the treatment they need to heal.

If your loved one has pressure ulcers you need to take action immediately. Understand that this is not normal and your loved one is not receiving the care they need. In a nursing home, a patient with bedsores is being neglected. Monitor the situation and try to catch neglect in the early stages. Nursing home abuse can be a big problem and bedsores are a clear warning sign.

If you believe someone you love is being mistreated in a care facility talk to nursing home neglect lawyers to better understand your options and how you can fight for the rights of your loved one.

Pressure Ulcers Wound Staging are a common problem for the incontinent and immobile. They are caused by too much pressure to the epidermis, causing it to break down, and infection often occurs. Pressure sores and pressure ulcers are incredibly painful, and can lead to further decline in skin health. However, they are preventable. The following is a look at the recommended pressure ulcer prevention protocol provided by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP).

1. Perform a head-toe skin exercise at least daily,concentrating on pressure points.

The first sign that skin is experiencing too much pressure is redness. Look for red areas, particularly in those areas most susceptible, such as the sacrum, elbows, ischium, trochanters, heels, and the back of the head. Areas that show signs of developing pressure sores should be treated immediately and steps should be taken to alleviate that pressure and return skin to the proper skin health. This can be achieved with cushions, pillows, changing position at least every two hours, and by cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the skin.

2. Individualize bathing frequency. Use a mild cleansing. Avoid hot water and excessive rubbing.

Unfortunately, for many, plain old soap and water is simply too harsh on the skin, causing it to dry out. The skin should be cleansed regularly to remove bacteria, and promote health, but a mild cleanser, designed specifically for the skin of incontinent, elderly, or diabetic patients is needed. Avoid water that is too hot, as this can cause the skin to dry out, crack, and tear. And be sure to look for a no-rinse solution for a cleanser, as frictional damage may occur if there is too much rubbing, scrubbing, and wiping to clean and dry an area.

3. When incontinence cannot be controlled, clean the skin off excrements, and use a topical barrier to protect the skin.

Quality incontinence products that help to keep the skin dry is the first step. The second is cleaning with each change, not just after changing fecal incontinence. In addition, helping protect the skin using a multi-purpose ointment or protective barrier is important. The skin naturally produces such a barrier that can help protect it from wetness and irritation. However, as skin ages, it produces less of this (sebum), and with incontinence there is prolonged exposure, necessitating a topical barrier be used.

4. Use moisturizers for dry skin.

Help keep skin pliant and moist using a topical moisturizer. Again, the body may not be producing enough on its own, particularly if the individual is not staying properly hydrated. Help to reduce reddened skin, and promote skin health and healing by applying a daily moisturizer.

5. Avoid massage over bony prominence.

This will increase friction, and lead to a breakdown of the epidermis. Instead, try to keep areas prone to ulcers well cushioned and protected, and the skin dry, clean, and healthy.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Pump Rental Companies

Pronto 60 Day Risk Free Trial For DME and HME NPWT pump Rental Companies
Pronto 60 Day Risk Free Trial For DME and HME NPWT pump Rental Companies

How To Rent Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) Pump In the US

How To Rent Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) Pump In the US

Date: June 1, 2016


Negative pressure wound therapy is increasingly becoming popular as a way of dealing with wounds. It is used to help patients heal wound faster post-surgery. The option has been known to have some benefits such as reducing the amount of hospital care required. It is an effective way to cut down costs.

Factors to Consider

The major factor to think of is the period the patient need the equipment. Most rental companies have a minimum duration in which the equipment can be rented out. For instance, some may say it is a month while other may require six months. The more one holds on to the equipment the more the cost. One should look for a company that offers favorable terms concerning how long one can hold onto the equipment.

The other factor is the service repair conditions. Durable medical equipment rental companies come with different terms. At times, the company may refuse to do any maintenance on the machine. As a result, this could lead to excessive charges and delays in treatment. If the equipment breaks down, it would mean the patient has to go to a medical facility until their machine is repaired. In the case of a wound vacuum, this will also delay healing. Only use a company that offers reliable repair and maintenance.

How to Get Approval to Use Wound therapy pump

Besides those factors, there are some important points to consider when a patient needs a wound vacuum pump. For one, this is highly sensitive medical equipment. As a result, the doctors must approve the use of this equipment. Also, he or she must continually supervise the utilization of this equipment.

For the NPWT pump rental company to rent out this equipment, they have to ensure there is a qualified person to operate the machine. As a result, the doctor who gave approval for the use of the wound vacuum must be contacted on a regular basis to ensure the equipment is being utilized in the proper manner.

npwt pump rental software

The aim of the wound vacuum is to help the wound heal faster. Thus, the goals of the wound pump should be continually assessed to ensure they are beneficial to the patient. A rental company cannot rent out machines unless there is an expected positive outcome from its use.

Precautions in Using It

The use of the equipment must follow strict guidelines issued by NPWT (wound vac) Rental Company. Firstly, use of the equipment is stopped immediately the patient begins to experience excessive pain from the utilization of the machine. In addition, if the device causes excessive bleeding, its use needs to be stopped immediately.


Renting a wound pump is relatively easy. However, the patient needs to ensure they get all the relevant approvals from a qualified consultant. Besides, the nurse who is taking care of him or her must have the necessary qualification for using the equipment. Always consider the cost of rentals compared to the cost of purchasing the equipment before making a choice.

Pronto 60 Day Risk Free Trial For DME and HME NPWT pump Rental Companies
Pronto 60 Day Risk Free Trial For DME and HME NPWT pump Rental Companies

Wound Care Market Worth 20.4 Billion USD by 2021

Wound Care Market Worth 20.4 Billion USD by 2021

PUNE, India, May 31, 2016 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) — PUNE, India, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

According to a new market research report “Wound Care Market by Product (Advanced (Foam, Alginate, NPWT, Active), Surgical, Traditional), Wound Type (Chronic (DFU, Pressure Ulcer), Acute (Burn)), End User (Hospital (Inpatient, Outpatient), Long-Term Care, Home Healthcare) – Global Forecast to 2021”, published by MarketsandMarkets, The global market is expected to reach USD 20.4 Billion by 2021 from USD 17.0 Billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2016 to 2021.

Browse 380 market data Tables and 48 Figures spread through 301 Pages and in-depth TOC on “Wound Care Market”


npwt pump rental software

Are You Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Pump Rental Companies?



CORRECTION…by RenovaCare, Inc.

NEW YORK & PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Please replace the video with the accompanying corrected video.

“These results mark important technical milestones in our pathway to spraying patient wounds with their own stem cells to promote fast and natural skin repair”

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The release reads:


RenovaCare, Inc., (OTCQB:RCAR) today announced positive spray test results demonstrating that its novel SkinGun™ technology achieves exceptionally-uniform distribution of fluids with 200 times greater coverage than conventional methods. These outcomes are especially promising to scientists developing patented RenovaCare CellMist™ and SkinGun™ technologies* for spraying fluids containing a patient’s own stem cells onto burns and wounds for rapid scar-free healing.

“These results mark important technical milestones in our pathway to spraying patient wounds with their own stem cells to promote fast and natural skin repair,” said Thomas Bold, President and CEO of RenovaCare, Inc. “Data from ongoing preclinical work supports our long-held conviction that our SkinGun™ technology is superior to standard methods for delivering fluids and stem cells to target sites, achieving excellent coverage while being extremely gentle to the cells.”


npwt pump rental software

Are You Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Pump Rental Companies?

CollPlant Receives Chief Scientist’s Authorization for a NIS 12 Million Research and Development Projects with Funding of Approximately 50%

CollPlant Receives Chief Scientist’s Authorization for a NIS 12 Million Research and Development Projects with Funding of Approximately 50%

NESS ZIONA, Israel, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CollPlant Ltd. (TASE: CLPT), a regenerative medicine company utilizing its proprietary plant-based rhCollagen technology for tissue repair products – announces that it has received authorization from the Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, for funding approximately 50% of its NIS 12 million development project for 2016. The Chief Scientist’s grant amount to NIS 5.6 million, measurably higher than last year’s authorized grant, which totaled NIS 4.7 million.

The development programs for which the funding was authorized include human collagen-based medical products leveraging CollPlant’s technology. Of note, the Chief Scientist authorized the support of development of collagen and cell-based formulations intended for use as BioInk for 3D printing of tissues and organs. Also receiving Chief Scientist funding is a product to treat tears in tendons and ligaments, such as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee joint. The development plans authorized by the Chief Scientist also include support for the completion of the development process of VergenixSTR, a product to heal tendons inflammation, and other products.

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A major stakeholder in fighting diabetes

A major stakeholder in fighting diabetes

Year after year we are seeing an alarming increase in the number of people getting obese and contracting chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. In fact, as per a rather interesting report released recently by a UK-based medical journal, The Lancet, it is for the first time since modern institutions started collating health-related data that the world has more obese people than malnourished.

The condition is worrisome, particularly in the UAE where 19 per cent of the population, or over a million people, is diabetic. Globally, the number of diabetic patients has quadrupled in the last four decades. Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that 422 million people are known to be living with the disease, and by 2040, the figure would rise to 642 million. Industry experts also suggest that there are 318 million more people who are pre-diabetic, and their population is expected to grow to 481 million by 2040.


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Learn how to prevent type 2 diabetes today

Learn how to prevent type 2 diabetes today

The news about type 2 diabetes and its impact on seniors can be quite scary. But the reality is that this disease is highly preventable, which is my focus in this article.

But before I get to how diabetes is preventable in many seniors, I feel it is important to mention some very important – and sobering – statistics. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 25 percent of Americans over the age of 60 have type 2 diabetes. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50 percent of those over the age of 65 are pre-diabetic – but only 7 percent even know they are.

When it comes to diabetes and its prevention, knowledge is certainly power and powerful.

What is diabetes and why are seniors more apt to develop it?

READ MOREPronto for Durable Medical Equipment NPWT Pump Rental